10 Awesome Apple Watch Bands for February 2016


While Apple gets ready for a possible refresh of its Apple Watch lineup in March, third-party accessory makers are busy churning out some excellent bands of their own. Whether you’re on a budget or just looking for something new to personalize Apple’s most personal device, you have plenty of great choices available. Here are nine of the best in February 2016:

Penom Mesh Milanese Loop Penom Mesh Milanese Loop
If you like the look of Apple’s stylish Milanese Loop but don’t want to drop $149 on one, this band from Penom might be right up your alley. Made of a woven stainless steel mesh, this strap looks almost identical to Apple’s at just a fraction of the price. Like Apple’s Milanese, it is infinitely adjustable to fit your wrist perfectly. Available in black or silver finishes for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches, it costs just $25.98 on Amazon, and it comes with a one-year warranty to boot. Spigen Rugged Apple Watch Band

Spigen Rugged Band
Spigen has been a solid name in smartphone cases for years; they’re known for both quality and affordability. Now they are extending their expertise to the realm of Apple Watch accessories, including this rugged band. Similar to Apple’s Sport Band, but a bit tougher and more durable-looking, this watch band is made of a “hybrid polymer” and uses the same “pin and tuck” buckle system as the Sport. It is only available for 42mm Watches currently, but for $27.99, it’s hard to go wrong if you’re looking for a tougher sport band.

Leathersy Minimalist Leather Strap Leathersy Minimalist Apple Watch Band
This handmade Apple Watch band, crafted from natural, vegetable-tanned leather, is designed to let your Watch shine through. The sleek, minimal style won’t distract from the beauty of the Apple Watch. Available for both sizes of Watch case, you have your choice of tan, navy blue or black leather, as well as a choice of color for the attachment lugs. It also comes with a punch tool so you can set your own size for the band. Though this may be too much DIY for some people, it allows for a custom fit for your wrist. Available on Etsy for $60.00.

Lucrin Leather Band
Lucrin Leather Strap
Choice is the name of the game with Lucrin’s leather band. Available in two styles, Classic and Elegance, this band will fit both 38 and 42mm watches. You have your choice of four leathers: goat, ostrich, smooth, and granulated. You then have a choice of 28 different colors. Yes, 28! Lucrin offers everything from the standard tan and black to vibrant red, orange, and purple. There is truly something for everyone here. The quality is also very high, with a price to match: this band starts at $167.

Pad & Quill Classic Pad and Quill Classic Leather Band
Pad & Quill has been making high-quality accessories for Apple devices for years, and this leather band carries on that legacy. Available in British tan, whiskey, chocolate, and galloper black color choices, each band is handmade and signed by the craftsman. In addition to the color choices, you also get a choice of buckles, and each band comes with a 25-year leather warranty. $99.95.

BlackForestAtelier Handmade Vintage Leather Strap Black Forest Atelier Handmade Leather Band
This handmade brown leather strap has received quite a few excellent reviews from customers. Made to order for any size and style of Apple Watch, it features a brushed stainless steel buckle and some nice, subtle stitching that really gives it a classy look. The adaptor color can also be matched to the color of your watch. This one costs $89.90; not bad for handmade leather.

iVAPO Stainless Steel Metal BandiVapo Silver Link Band for Apple Watch
The iVapo Stainless Steel band is another budget-friendly alternative to Apple’s official bands, this time the Link Bracelet. You wouldn’t be alone if you thought $449 as a tad steep for a steel watch band, but iVapo’s got you covered. For just $27.99, you get a very nice, premium stainless steel band in your choice of Space Gray or Silver finish. It features a dual folding clasp and comes with a link removal tool to get that perfect fit. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a great choice for a metal band on a budget. Available for 38 and 42mm watches.

MoKo Sport BandUSA Flag Apple Watch Sport Band
MoKo has done an excellent job with their budget Sport Band. This guy operates just like Apple’s Sport Band, and has a very similar feel. The band is made of silicone, with hypoallergenic stainless steel hardware; it comes in a whopping 25 different colors and patterns. Price varies by size and color choice, from $11.99 at the low end to $19.99 at the high. Available for both 38 and 42mm watches.

E3 Supply Co. Double Wrap Horween Leather Band Horween Leather Strap E3 Supply
This strap is based on the Double Tour band from the Apple Watch Hermes collection. This is a very stylish band, made from genuine Horween leather in Brooklyn, NY. At $139, it’s a bit pricey, though it’s not the most expensive band on this list. If you must have that Hermes style but don’t want to drop $1250, this might be your best bet.

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