10 Sexiest Apple Watch Charging Docks


Apple Watch comes with a simple magnetic charging cable, similar to a MacBook’s MagSafe adapter. While this will work for many people, if you want something with a little more style to display your fancy (and expensive) new toy while it charges, you have plenty of options. Accessory makers are putting out some seriously nice-looking charging stands, and the hardest part of finding a dock will probably be picking between all the great choices. These ten are just the tip of the iceberg.

Nomad Apple Watch Stand

First up, we have Nomad’s Stand for Apple Watch, available in silver and Space Gray for $59.95. The Stand is a sleek curved piece of aluminum that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It has a discreet channel on the back to tuck the Apple Watch charging cable into, while the magnetic piece sits in a slot on top. A high-friction rubber base and copper plate give it weight and help keep it securely in place so that your watch stays safe. This is a great-looking stand that compliments the watch well. View it at GoNomad.com

Spigen s330 Apple Watch Stand

Next up is Spiegen’s S330 Stand, priced at a very affordable $24.99. This is a simple aluminum stand shaped like the foot on an iMac, so it should fit right In with your other Apple products. The charging cable routes through the hole in the back and the magnet sits in a slot on top. Available only in Silver, this is a cheap and sleek option that also complements the watch nicely. $5.00 off at Amazon.

Twevle South HiRise Apple Watch Stand

Another metal option is TwelveSouth’s HiRise stand. The HiRise is a bit more traditional in appearance than the Nomad or Spigen, with a sturdy metal base with non-slip rubber pad to keep the stand still, while the arm holds the watch at a nice angle for comfortable viewing. A soft leather pad sits behind the stand to keep your watch’s band from getting scratched or dinged. The HiRise will cost $49.99 and be available in silver or black.View it at TwelveSouth.com

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand

Pad & Quill’s Luxury Pocket Stand for Apple Watch is a nice-looking, portable stand carved from a single piece of wood (your choice of cherry or mahogany). The design is based on an old stand for a classic pocket watch. The stand folds over to slip easily into a pocket or bag for traveling. It will run you $79.99 for cherry wood and $89.99 for mahogany, but there is a special pre-order discount of $10 available now.  View it at Padandquill.com.

Griffin WatchStand for Apple Watch

Next we have popular accessory maker Griffin’s WatchStand. This is a tall plastic stand that slides up to allow you to wrap your watch’s charging cable around it, then slides back down to neatly hide it. This gives the WatchStand a very clean appearance, since there are no unsightly white cords hanging out to spoil the aesthetics. Like the other stands, it has a circular cutout for the magnetic charger at the top. The base of the stand has a ridge that is intended to hold your iPhone, so you can keep all your devices together and avoid clutter. WatchStand comes in black and will run you $29.99. View it here.

Calypso Crystal Timeless Moment Stand

CalypsoCrystal’s TimelessMoment stand takes a more traditional, luxurious approach to charging your watch. Made from premium Italian leather and handcrafted in Europe, the TimelessMoment is a simple leather arch that neatly hides the charging cable and looks quite nice. The soft leather will keep your watch and band safe, while the magnetic charger keeps it secure. The TimelessMoment is available in four colors: black, white beige, bordeaux red, and orange. Cost is $129. View it at CalypsoCrystal.com

Dodo Charging Stand for Apple Watch

Next up is DodoCase’s Charging Stand for Apple Watch. This elegant little stand is made from solid California American Walnut wood and has a steel base to keep it from sliding around or tipping over. A neat groove on the inside hides the charging cable. The cutout is also just the right size for the watch’s USB wall charger, allowing you to tuck it in and wrap the cord around for a neat travel package. The Charging Stand is handmade in San Francisco and will run you $99.95, although a preorder price of a more reasonable $70.95 is currently in effect.View it at DodoCase.com

HED Dock for Apple Watch

Howard Electronics’ HEDock is a simple aluminum zigzag coated with urethane to prevent scratches to your Apple Watch. The design is very minimalist and modern; if that’s your thing, you’ll probably love the HEDock. There is no channel to keep the charging cable tucked away, just a cutout for the MagSafe disc. Available in silver, the HEDock will cost $49.00, with a special price of $29 through April 24. View at HEDocks.com.

Premium One Dock for Apple Watch

The Premium One dock is a Kickstarter project that looks particularly promising. This dock is made from aluminum and has a modern, minimalist shape, like many of the docks featured here. What sets it apart is that it will fit your Apple Watch, your iPhone and even your iPad at the same time, with no cable clutter, all while looking pretty fantastic. There are different options available depending on how many devices you want to charge at the same time and how much you want to spend, ranging from $45 for the single Watch stand to $400 for a gold-plated version. View it on Kickstarter

Composure Dock by Rest

The Composure dock, by Rest, is another different take on docking. It is a simple wooden block that your Apple Watch lays flat across, rather than being elevated. The MagSafe magnet sits in the center. Made from premium-grade Walnut, what sets the Composure dock apart are the complementary pieces available from the company. They make two other pieces, a Phone Bed and an Organizer Bed, that magnetically attach to each other to form a customized station to hold all your stuff and keep it safe and organized, all while looking extremely classy. Each piece costs $79. The View it at getrest.co.


  1. Nick says

    Don’t bother with the “Composure” from Rest. The ‘company’ is literally just one guy trying to do things out of his apartment or whatever. 2+ months for shipping, if they even ship it to you. If you like offering interest-free loans to startups with no guarantee of product availability, then place an order. Or go to Kickstarter.

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