Aftermarket Bands will work with the Apple Watch


Apple has put their highly anticipated watches in the hands (and on the wrists) of big-time influencers and so it is time to answer the question that everyone is asking  – will aftermarket bands work with the Apple Watch?

Open the flood gates – it appears that the Apple Watch will work with after market straps.

Here is what we can tell you right now, keeping in mind information is coming quick.

Hidden Port on Apple Watch

Hidden Port on Apple Watch

The Secret Port May Exist

The Apple Watch that consumers receive may have a hidden port beneath strap.   There is definitely a well “cut-out” that leads us to believe the Apple Store may be have a special way to access a port for diagnostic reasons.  It does not appear it is something that consumers will use.  It is concealed very well.

The Apple Watch Work without a Band

The Apple Watch will work without strap.  This indicates to us that Apple is not authenticating a strap via some propitiatory technology.

The Apple Watch Work With Aftermarket Bands

We know the watch works without a strap and so we feel it is safe to assume the watch will work with aftermarket bands.  They will begin shipping soon and we will know for sure at that time.  There is no reason to believe they will not at this point.

Apple Watch May Not Work As Pocket Watch

You will be required to enter your passcode when you take your Apple Watch off of your wrist (skin contact is broken).  This is a great security feature but it does mean that the Apple Watch will be tough to use unless it’s strapped to your wrist. This does make sense though.  If you want to keep it in your pocket, just use your phone.


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