An Update on the Monowear Apple Watch Bands


monowear-purple-nylon-apple-watch-bandThere has been a ton of excitement and tons of confusion surrounding the Apple Watch Bands released by Monowear.

If you are not familiar with their bands, check them out here, and you’ll see why Apple Watch owners are excited.  They look to be of high quality, introduce nice colors in leather and nylon, and allow us to get our hands our hands on stainless steel bands (including a space black stainless band) for about $100.00.

It seems for every ounce of excitement there has been two ounces of confusion and disappointment surrounding the shipment of these statement-making bands.  Here is the story, Monowear is startup (funded by Kickstarter) and has experienced a few hiccups.

Clasp Issues

The first run of watch bands (specifically the leather and nylon bands) had some issues with the mechanical engagement issues.  Monowear has resolved these issues and has begun manufacturing more bands. This has created some shipping delays but is understandable – they are after all a startup releasing a band for a watch that literally just hit the market.  We are just happy that they worked to get thing right prior to shipping to us.

Amazon Listings

The real confusion kicks in with the Amazon launch.  Monowear bands were briefly available for order on Amazon and then completely disappeared.  This upset a lot of Kickstarter backers who still hadn’t received their initial order. It turns out Monowear got ahead of themselves.  Monowear needs to ensure they have continued sales after they have completed filing the Kickstarter orders so they began marketing their products on Amazon.  Manufacturing was going well and all was looking good, but this was before the issues mentioned above.

When the clasp issues were discovered Monowear pulled their Amazon listing but filled the orders that had already been placed to ensure that feedback and reputation was not ruined.  They are not working diligently to fill all the Kickstarter orders and will re-launch on Amazon as soon as things are caught-up.  As of right now it’s looking like it will be about 7-10 days (May 21-May 24 2015) time-frame before the bands are available for order again.

Monowear has been extremely transparent about all this; you can view their updates on their Kickstarter campaign.

We are all anxious to get our hands on some new affordable bands and it’s easy to get frustrated with the shipping delays but don’t worry your bands will be on their way soon or if you haven’t ordered yet, back on Amazon soon.

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