Apple and Hermes Announce New Band Colors


It would appear that the partnership between Apple and French luxury brand Hermes has been going well: according to Elle Australia, the companies have announced that they will be expanding their collaboration with several new colors for their luxury leather bands, as well as making the bands available for purchase individually for the first time.

We previously covered the Apple Watch Hermes collection, but to recap, there are three styles available for the bands: Single Tour, the standard leather band; Double Tour, an extra-long leather band that wraps twice around the wrist; and Cuff, which is a thick, well, cuff. The Single Tour and Double Tour will be getting four new colors: Bleu Paon, Bleu Saphir, Blanc, and Feu. Bleu Paon is a really nice green color, while Bleu Saphir is a rich sapphire blue. Blanc is a clean, bright white. Feu is an orange hue that is a classic Hermes color. The Cuff does not appear to be getting any new color options at this time.


In addition to updating the color choices, buyers will now be able to purchase the bands separately, instead of only coming bundled with an Apple Watch purchase. This is good news for folks who wanted the bands but didn’t want to drop $1100 (or more!) on a whole new watch to get them, although the individual bands still won’t be cheap. The Single Tour will sell for $340, the Double Tour for $490, and the Cuff for a cool $690.

The new colors and individual bands will both be available starting April 19th, from the Apple and Hermes websites as well as select Apple Stores and Hermes retail locations.

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