Apple Watch Battery Strap

Apple Watch Reserve Strap

Apple Watch Reserve Strap

The Reserve Strap is a watch strap is the only strap on the market as of writing that is able to charge the watch as you wear it. At this moment, the strap can be pre-ordered through the Reserve Strap website. However, it is not yet available through Kickstarter and there has yet to be a date put up for release of the band. The following will provide a more in-depth look at this aftermarket battery strap and what it means for customers.

Double the Time between Charging

While Apple is offering a large variety of bands to choose from for the upcoming Apple Watch, the Reserve Strap is currently the only one that includes charging capabilities as it’s being worn. At this time, the sole criticism of the new Apple Watch is that the battery doesn’t last long enough, with estimated times being at 18 hours before a charge with standard usage and 10-12 hours under heavy use. With the relatively low amount of time between charges, one to two days at most for many wearers, the Reserve Strap will provide you with the means of avoiding the frustrating need to take the watch off your wrist so often by delivering a boost in battery life of up to 125 percent, per estimates done by the creators of the Reserve Strap.

Charge on the Go

Currently, the team behind the Reserve Strap has designed and put forth a concept of what the strap will look like and be comprised of. The band will consist of a silicon material and look similar in design to the straps already created by Apple for the Apple Watch. Embedded inside the band will be what are known as lithium polymer cells and a charging cradle with inductive capabilities, designed to charge your watch as you’re wearing it around. Though not revealed by the team creating the Reserve Strap, they have stated that there will be several other ways to charge the watch through the strap.

Apple Watch Battery Strap

Apple Watch Battery Strap

Pre-order Today

The option to pre-order the strap has been officially set up as a means of gauging how much interest there is in an Apple Watch battery strap. As such, pricing and release details have yet to be updated, through they state that the updates will come soon. In the mean time, it is possible to sign up for their newsletter on the Reserve Strap website or follow their Facebook or Twitter accounts for updates on the device. The one thing that can be known for certain is that if the strap works as intended, it can provide an appealing alternative to having to remove the watch so often to charge it.

The Reserve Strap Team

The team behind the design of the new Apple Watch battery strap consists of Lane Musgrave and John Arrow. Lane Musgrave is an entrepreneur who worked at Wieden-Kennedy Portland with digital marketing before helping to design software interfaces at Nike for Nike+ and FuelBand apps. John Arrow is an entrepreneur that was most recently the CEO of a company called Mutual Mobile, which is the largest mobile consulting company in the world. His name landed in the Forbes Most Promising CEO’s Under 35 list. While the strap is not yet out, it’s clear that it’s in good hands.

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