The Best Protective Cases for Your Apple Watch


Protection for the Apple Watch can be divided into two basic categories. There are carrying cases designed to protect the watch when it is off your wrist, and there are cases and bumpers to protect it while it is on the wrist. There are numerous options available no matter what your style, and it seems like another option pops up every day. If you’re looking for protection for that snazzy new watch, the hardest part will probably be sifting through all the great options.

Off-the-Wrist Carry Cases

For off-the-wrist protection, there are some very nice cases available. The first option here is the Timeless Tempo by CalypsoCrystal. This is a handcrafted folding pouch made of premium Italian leather, with three pockets for your watch and accessories, like chargers or extra straps. The pockets are lined with soft Alcantara material to keep your watch protected. The Tempo is available in four different color schemes: Royal, Oyster, Tank, and Reverso. The price is a little steep at $129, but it appears you get what you pay for in this case.

Another option for a carrying case is Pad & Quill’s Roll Up Kit for Apple Watch™. This is another handcrafted leather case with pockets for your watch, straps and charging cable. It is made from Full Grain American leather, with soft linen pockets to protect your goods. This one is only available in brown and will cost $49.99.

A different take on a travel case, WatchKeeper by Proper is a sleek carrying case and charging dock combo that promises neat cable management and a slim profile when you’re on-the-go. This is a hard clamshell-style case, wrapped in leather, with a channel inside to manage the MagSafe cable and a microfiber tray to keep your watch secure. Available in black and tan, this one will run you $59.95.

On-the-Wrist Protective Cases

For protecting your Apple Watch while you’re actually wearing it (that’s kind of the point, right?), your options are a good bit more affordable. The first ones we’ll look at are from Spigen. The Thin Fit is a simple hard polycarbonate shell that snaps around the front of the watchcase to protect it from bumps and scuffs. It is thin, lightweight and designed to keep the original form of the watch while still offering good protection. The Thin Fit is available in gold, white, black, and silver, and costs $14.99.  Get it on Amazon.

The Tough Armor, also from Spigen, offers a little more heavy-duty protection for your watch. This case is made from a mix of hard polycarbonate and soft TPU and wraps around the front and back of the watch for extra protection. It also comes with a built-in screen protector. While this may not be as important for the watch models with sapphire crystal displays, the Apple Watch Sport might still benefit from some extra scratch protection. The Tough Armor is available in gold, gunmetal and orange for $19.99, but only for 42mm Apple Watches, presumably due to the added bulk.

The Luvvitt Steel case is a slim, lightweight snap-on cover made of stainless steel, designed to keep the look and feel of the Apple Watch while providing some protection against scuffs and scratches. It’s a minimal case that should appeal to those not wanting to change the look of their watch. It costs $14.99 and comes with a screen protector.

The Clarity, also by Luvvitt, is a soft, clear TPU case with a scratch-resistant coating that slips right on to the Apple Watch, covering both the front and back for maximum protection. TPU offers good shock protection for those inevitable bumps and should keep your watch nice and safe. This one will run you $14.99.

The Bumper by ActionProof is an extra-rugged case for your Apple Watch. Made from tough rubber, this bumper case offers all-around shock protection for your watch while still allowing access to all the buttons and functions available. It promises to slip on in one easy step and come off just as quickly if needed. The Bumper looks like one of the toughest case offerings available for the Apple Watch, though it’s available only for the 42mm size currently, though it does come in your choice of three colors. It is also one of the pricier options, at $35.

Lastly, we have the Defense Edge bumper from X-Doria. The Defense Edge combines an aluminum exterior with a soft rubber interior to provide tough protection and good looks in a single package. This is a snap-on case, available in two colors. It is one of the nicer-looking cases available, and the aluminum is a nice touch if you want to keep the premium feel of the Apple Watch. This one will run you $29.99 and is, again, only available for 42mm Apple Watches.

This should be a solid primer on what’s out there in terms of Apple Watch protection. Take your pick and get out there to show off that shiny new toy!

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