Brikk’s Lux Takes the Apple Watch Over the Top


With the release date of the Apple Watch approaching fast, accessory makers are scrambling to jump on the bandwagon. There is already a wide selection of accessories to choose from to enhance your Apple Watch or customize the looks further than Apple’s official selection allows. With the pricing and limited styling of the official Apple bands, in particular, third parties are in a great position to cash in on this new gadget; a wide variety of bands are already available across the Internet.

Brikk Apple Watch Moni Lux Edition

Brikk Apple Watch Moni Lux Edition

And then there’s Brikk. Already known for their extravagant and pricey customizations to iPhones and iPads, Brikk is now adding the Apple Watch to its portfolio. Called the Lux Watch, this modification goes way beyond just a custom band; it’ll cost you way more, too.

The Lux Watch starts with a standard stainless steel Apple Watch and stainless steel Link Bracelet, a configuration that will run you around $1,000. Brikk will then layer it with your choice of yellow or pink gold; platinum is also available. The platinum looks quite nice; I am really surprised Apple is not offering this already on the Edition model. The pink gold appears to be very pink; it’s not the rose gold already offered on the Apple Watch Edition.

After the gold plating come the diamonds, and they’re in no short supply here. You have two choices: The Lux Watch Deluxe features 2.0-2.3 carats of diamonds, while the Lux Watch Omni packs an obscene 11.3-12.3 carats. The diamonds Brikk uses appear to be very high quality and are conflict-free, which is important to some. They coat the sides, crown, and band all the way around on the Omni. The Deluxe has diamonds only on the case and crown; it features a leather band with gold clasp color-matched to the watchcase. There is a third option listed on Brikk’s site, the Lux Watch Standard, but I could not find any information on it apart from the one mention on the product page. I would assume that it is similar to the other Lux products and forgoes the diamonds for a simple gold or platinum finish.

A lot of Internet critics have been very vocal in their disbelief of the pricing of the Apple Watch Edition. With a base price of $10,000 and a high-end of $17,000, it definitely is not aimed at the average consumer, but the Lux Watch takes things to a whole new level. The “budget” Lux Watch Deluxe, with “only” two carats of diamonds, will run you a cool $49,995. The Omni… well, you may want to sit down for this. The Lux Watch Omni comes in at a whopping $115,000. To even just pre-order the watch requires a nonrefundable $10,000 deposit. Yes, the deposit is the same price as a regular Apple Watch Edition. Insane.

If you have a hundred grand or so just burning a hole in your pocket, the Lux Watch can be preordered now; actual availability is pegged at 4-6 weeks following the Apple Watch’s official launch; as of this writing, that’s still set for April 24th. While you’re at it, grab a Lux iPhone or two to match!

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