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There has certainly been plenty of buzz about the new Apple watch. It just got better though as Casetify has announced that you can now design your own Apple watch strap. They already offer such customization for iPhone cases and other products.


Casetify Custom Apple Watch App

Casetify Custom Apple Watch App

The watch should be personal and is often thought of as jewelry

Casetify makes it very simple! Their iPhone app and website allow you to use filters and layouts so you can see what the finished look is before you order it. You can upload your favorite photos, or connect with Facebook or Instagram and use photos from your profiles to create your unique watch strap.

Most people don’t want to be wearing the same watch as all their friends and colleagues; Casetify allows Apple customers to enjoy the technology and experience of an Apple Watch while making their device their own.

Who is Casetify

Casetify located in Hong Kong and they have a great reputation. With thousands of satisfied customers they have established themselves as the leading manufacturer of custom phone-cases.  They forecast a huge market of consumers interested in personalization for the Apple Watch.

The company continues to strive to find ways to impress the market with quality customization options. They don’t worry too much about competition as they are always on the cutting edge with technology and innovation.

Casetify Apple Watch Strap

Casetify Apple Watch Strap

Just $50.00

We fully expect the Casetify straps to be of high-quality (much like their phone cases) yet at just $50.00 including free world-wide shipping they are priced among the cheapest straps on the market. It will be worth making a fun strap or two just to change things up here and there.

Thank You Casetify

Thanks to Casetify, you can have the exact Apple watch you want. You can have something that is uniquely impressive and meaningful to you. They are allowing customers to design (and save) personalized watch straps for order when after the Apple Watch launches.  Go play with it now.

Casetify plans to offer the same service for other types of smart-watches in the near future. This includes the Moto 360 and Pebble Watch.


  1. Pam says

    I have been unable to contact them. They charged my credit card a long time ago and I have received no product. They do not answer my emails and I can’t find an address or phone number, can anyone help? Are they still in business?

    Thank you

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