Casetify Custom Bands Available for Pre-order


Last week we excitedly announced that Casetify had launched a program that will allow you to upload a picture and have a custom Apple Watch Band made. At that time Casetify was allowing you to save your favorite designs for order at a later time.

Casetify Moustache Apple Watch Band

Casetify Moustache Apple Watch Band

Effective immediately Casetify is allowing pre-orders, which means that you can your crazy custom bands for $50.00 now and they will ship in early June. World-wide shipping is free and express shipping via FedEx is $15.00.

This is exciting news for a few reasons.

  1. At $50 each you can make a couple of custom straps. Heck you could even make a couple in solid colors – say brown, black, and white so that your watch is ready for any outfit or event.
  2. I am optimistic that this means that Casetify is confident there will not be any holdups/issues with creating custom bands for Apple Watch.

Visit Casetify now to design your own band!

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