Epik Watch Kit Promises to Beef Up Apple Watch

Lunatik Red Case with Black Strap

$79.95 – Lunatik Red Case with Black Strap

The Apple Watch isn’t just for checking the time and getting notifications. There are a lot of features available to complement activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, and running. But who wants to take a potentially very expensive watch out into the wild and risk something bad happening to it?

Made by Lunatik, an up-and-coming accessory maker for mobile devices, the Epik Watch Kit is a case for Apple Watch that seeks to solve this problem and give you some peace of mind while you’re engaging in the activities that make the most of your shiny new smartwatch. The concept is pretty similar to a Lifeproof or Otterbox case for iPhone – sacrifice some of the sleek look and feel of the device for a good chunk of added protection.

$99.95 - Lunatik Black Case with Black Leather Strap

$99.95 – Lunatik Black Case with Black Leather Strap

The Epik Watch Kit features an aluminum case to surround and protect the Apple Watch, while still allowing access to all the important features like the heart rate monitor and digital crown. The case is fitted with “hydrophobic vents” to add additional water and dust protection to the watch. While the Apple Watch has been said to be “showerproof,” the Epik case will supposedly allow the watch to be worn while swimming, which should be reason enough to pick one up for many athletes.

As for bands, the case appears to prevent using any of the official Apple watchbands, but it will work with Lunatik’s existing TikTok and Lunatik straps for iPod Nano. These bands allow the Nano to be worn on the wrist like a watch and appear to have served as the design inspiration for the Epik. There are some nice-looking bands already available that match the rugged theme of the case, and if the Epik does well I am sure we’ll see some new bands made specifically for it before too long.

The TikTok bands run $39.95 and are currently available cyan (bright blue), magenta (bright pink), yellow, and white.  They are constructed out of high grade silicon rubber.  Size wise, they are adjustable and will accommodate an 8.5 inch wrist comfortably.

The Lunatik bands will set you back $79.95 to $129.95 depending on color and material.  This pricing includes the case (for the Nano).  We expect the pricing for the Apple Watch Version to be similar but would not be surprised if it were a little more expensive.  The cheaper options are made out of a high grade silicon rubber while the $129.95 option is made out of a gorgeous leather.

The case is currently in the prototype phase, with a Kickstarter campaign coming soon. Availability is planned for three months after the release of the actual Apple Watch. It will only be available for the 42mm Apple Watch initially while the company gauges interest. If you’re interested in helping fund the product, or just want to keep an eye on it before committing, you can sign up for Kickstarter notifications on the product’s website at http://epikwatch.com. No word on pricing yet.

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