Fashion-Friendly Apple Watch Bands by Rebecca Minkoff


Rebecca Minkoff is a pretty big name in the fashion industry. She is known for her playful, edgy designs and is considered an industry leader in luxury handbags, REBECCA MINKOFF DEBOSSED CHEVRON BANDaccessories, footwear, and apparel. And Case-Mate is a pretty big name in the world of technology accessories. They make excellent cases for phones of all sorts, including iPhones, as well as Apple Watch bands. Now the two are bringing their expertise together to produce an excellent line of fashion-forward and relatively affordable Apple Watch bands.

There are three different styles of band available, designed by Minkoff and manufactured by Case-Mate. First up, we have your basic leather band. Embossed with a nice chevron pattern, this band is meant to give off a slick, modern look. It comes in black with matching black hardware, including Minkoff’s signature clasp. Unfortunately, this is the only color available, which may pose a problem for some. If you like the black, though, it’s a very stylish band. It is only available for the 38mm watch, and the cost is $80.00.

REBECCA MINKOFF SNAKESKIN BAND - SILVERNext we have a genuine snakeskin leather band. This band comes in a “silver python” color, which is basically an off-white with darker accents and an overall metallic hue; the inside is black. This is a very sharp-looking band; the patterning and color makes for a unique combination that really stands out. The hardware is silver, and it features the same signature clasp as the plain leather band. Again, this band is available in only one size, 38mm, and the one color. If it works for you, though, it’s a very stylish choice. The price is also pretty reasonable at $80.00.

Apple Watch 38mm Black Wrap - image angle 1 Apple Watch 38mm Black Wrap - lifestyle angle 1 Apple Watch 38mm Black Wrap - lifestyle angle 2 Apple Watch 38mm Black Wrap - lifestyle angle 3 Apple Watch 38mm Black Wrap - image angle 5 REBECCA MINKOFF DOUBLE WRAP LEATHER BANDFinally, we have the Double Wrap leather band. This genuine leather band comes in black, but has a smoother texture than the embossed leather we discussed earlier. The adapters and clasp are black, and two black dome studs break up the otherwise smooth band and give it some oomph and edge. The band is extra-long and wraps twice around the wrist like the Double Tour Hermes band, creating a unique, stylish look. Like the others, the Double Wrap is only available in one color, and only in a 38mm size. With a price tag of $100.00, though, this might be a good choice for someone who likes the Hermes band but doesn’t want to drop $1250.

These bands are excellent options for the fashion freaks out there, as well as anyone looking to spice up their Apple Watch look with a big-name band at a solid price.

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