Monowear Interchangeable Bands


Watches these days have become more a part of your wardrobe than ever before. But you do not wear the same clothes everyday, do you? No, so why should you wear the same watch every day. Monowear launching an exciting new selection of Apple Watch Bands that will ensure that you have a “watch” for every setting!

Apple will be launching its latest creation, The Apple Watch, in the near future. This watch will take how you communicate to a whole new level. It will also be more convenient than your phone because it will sit right on your wrist. Because it sits on your wrist, it will add a physical dimension receiving notifications and alerts.

With your new Apple Watch, your inner circle will never be closer. Quick one button touch allows easy access to thumbnail pictures of friends. You can tap these thumbnails to make a call, send a message, or connect using a variety of new ways available on the Apple Watch.

But not only is your Apple Watch a part of your life, it is also a part of your personality. With Monowear bands, you will have the ability to change your watch band to match your lifestyle and show off your individuality. Whether you are exercising, closing a major business deal, or simply enjoying a day in the city, you want your watch band to fit in with your wardrobe of choice for the day.

The designers at Monowear will be releasing a flurry of band options. The designs will be subtle yet unique for every occasion and lifestyle. Leather bands ($60) for casual nights out. Lightweight water resistant nylon bands ($45) for more active times. Metal and mesh bands ($75) for formal engagements.

Monowear understands the simplicity of swapping watch bands will be one of the key components users will fall in love with. The user will be able to switch from a silicone rubber sports band to a much more professional looking metal link band in a flash.

They have rolled out a kickstarter campaign and it’s now fully funded. The branding and website are ready to go. Product and package designs are finished. And manufacturing is all set to begin.
In today’s society, adaptability is a necessity. Monowear wants you to have that adaptability. Monowear not only wants you to have options for your wrist band accesories, it wants you to have the best options.

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