Strap by Nomad: A Classic Leather Band for Apple Watch


Nomad Rugged Leather Apple Watch StrapIf you own an Apple Watch and are a fan of leather, accessory maker Nomad has got a real treat for you. The appropriately named “Strap” is a gorgeous Italian leather band that aims to be both rugged and sophisticated.

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Rugged is definitely the vibe this band gives off. It is thick and solid-looking; it looks like it will last. Strap is made from raw Italian leather that has not been over-treated the way some leather makers tend to do. The idea is to allow the leather’s natural qualities to shine through, and also to allow it to age beautifully. This band will show the scuffs and scrapes it will inevitably pick up as you go through life. This allows it to take on a unique appearance over time that Nomad hopes will reflect your personality and adventures.

Strap is available with your choice of black or silver to match the different Apple Watch models. The premium stainless steel hardware appears to be as nice as the leather, with a focus on reliability. The hardware is attached with a durable, secure screw pins; Nomad wants you to feel confident that the band will keep your Apple Watch firmly on your wrist and last as long as your watch does. There is also a nice two-tone stitching on the strap to add some flair to the otherwise plain strip of leather.

Nomad doesn’t want this to be your standard, run-of-the-mill watch band. They are trying to create a band that is “substantial and striking,” one that will take your smartwatch into the realms of high-end, classic Swiss watches. It certainly looks like they have succeeded on that front, with a beautiful leather band that will age wonderfully and take on a character all its own as you wear it.Nomad Rugged Leather Apple Watch Strap

Currently, Strap is only available in brown, and only for 42mm Apple Watches. The company says more options are coming soon, though whether that means more colors, a 38mm size or both is unclear. The band isn’t cheap, either, with a price tag of $150, although the strap is currently available for less on amazon. That’s the same price as Apple’s Classic Buckle leather strap. The main difference between the two is the ruggedness that Nomad’s Strap exudes; Apple’s band appears to be more delicate. If this appeals to you, or you prefer your leather raw and untreated, Strap might just be the band for you.

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